What I buy- Linen bedding (is it worth the money?)

There is definitely something fascinating about linen! Whatever form linen takes (be it clothing, bedding etc) I am instantaneously drawn to it. There is a difference between cotton and linen, although they both derive from a plant. Linen comes from the flax plant and is known to be a strong fiber, lasting years once purchased. Because of this, linen comes at a price.

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 4.59.36 pm
Imagine via @bed.threads instagram

After scouring the internet and comparing linen bedding prices, I decided to make the purchase. I thought it was time to upgrade from the cheap K-Mart cotton sheets to something with better quality, aka LINEN. I bought a fitted bottom sheet, two pillow cases and a duvet cover off Bed Threads (an online linen bedding store). They have a range of colours including charcoal, olive green, sage, rosewater etc. The prices range from $250 AUD – $300 AUD depending on your bed size. After contemplating the colour for about a week, I settled with the light grey (called ‘fog’ on the website). My first colour option was sold out.. guess I’ll just have to buy another set.

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‘Fog’ linen bedding

I waited patiently all week for the linen to come, and ran to the post office when I finally got that message saying it had arrived (okay, I need to get a life). The set comes in a cute linen bag and they attach colour samples of all their linen.

They claim that the bedding is designed to keep you warm in winter and cooler in summer. As it is winter here in Australia I can definitely agree that the bedding keeps you warm. The softness of the bedding is amazing too. I have only washed it once and it feels so soft and cosy against my skin. Apparently it will get softer and softer with more washes – woohoo. Despite the benefits of owning linen sheets (the list does go on), the overall look is amazing. It fits anyone seeking the boho, hippie, minimalist vibe.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

If you want style and decor inspiration you can check out Bed Thread’s on instagram @bed.threads.

Overall, thinking of investing in linen bedding? It’s a yes from me!

Have you invested before? Let me know in the comments your thoughts on linen.

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