Things I buy – Aesop Parsley Seed Eye Cream

I recently have developed a fascination with skin care products. We can say it has probably come from the amount of skin care bloggers I watch on YouTube and follow on social media (check out Allegra Shaw on Youtube). I have been curious about spending more money on these higher end products, and if they have value on your overall skin appearance. Or, if trusty old coconut oil can do the job for everything (I already know it doesn’t, damn). I generally use coconut oil to take off my makeup, and as a cleanser (using a warm face clothe to wipe away any extra makeup). After this I cleanse my skin, apply a moisturiser and then use pure rose hip oil. Things are about to change though.

On walking through Newtown (Sydney, Australia) a few day’s back I noticed an Aesop store. The beautiful design, packaging and overall store appearance instantly drew my attention. I guess marketing does work. Despite their marketing, I went home and read online about their skin care philosophy and general reviews of their skin care products.  The thing that intrigued me most was that that they used both plant based and laboratory ingredients. You can read about all their products on their easy to navigate and beautifully designed website.

Newtown (Sydney) Aesop

I purchased their Parsley Seed Anti Oxidant Eye Cream. The cream is a potent blend of Vitamins C and E. The anti oxidant blend is designed to protect and nourish the skin around the eye. The product itself smells amazing (think natural oils) and is super rich in texture. It instantly hydrates around the eye, lightening under eye circles and giving your skin a dewy glow. A little bit goes a VERY long way.

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The best part about visiting the Aesop store- they give you a tonne of samples. Great for my face, bad for my wallet.

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I love to connect with you guys! Shoot me a comment if you have tried Aesop before, or if you have any skin care product recommendations.

On a side note, I have been so busy with life that I didn’t blog for about 6 months. A lot has changed  within that 6 months, so I am excited to update my blog (will slowly fill everyone in). There will be a change in theme and vibe- focusing more on “things “in my life, rather then just vegan recipes. I want to review products I buy, places I eat, share food I make, and general thoughts and feelings about random topics. Consider this more of a lifestyle blog now! I do hope you enjoy. 🙂

Take Care!


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