Raw, Vegan Lettuce Tacos (for balanced gut health)

Our digestive system is complicated and can be affected in various ways which, in turn, can effect the rest of our body. I can always tell when something is wrong in my body because I can usually feel it in my stomach. The past few days I have felt bloated, have had pains in my gut and my bowels haven’t been working like they usually do. It has been hard to pin point the exact reason that I have been like this because of the many factors that can effect digestive issues. After doing some research, it was interesting to learn how much hormones can play a large role in digestion and your gut health. I started thinking about my hormones and realised that I recently stopped taking my birth control pill. The link between the two are interesting, but due to many factors that can contribute to your gut health it’s hard to single out the birth control at this point.

What I do know for sure is that what I put into my body plays a massive part in my digestion (seems a little obvious, I know). But personally, artificial sugar, alcohol and fatty foods make me feel tired and bloated. I recently wrote about how I am trying to incorporate more raw meals in my diet. This is because the enzymes in raw foods boost proper digestion and fight diseases.  Hydration is also essential for detoxification and to regulate PH levels. This is why I like to start my day off with lemon and water.

All this aside, I hope if you have any digestive/hormone issues that some recipes and holistic approaches that I blog about can help you (even if it is in the smallest way, eg. expanding your knowledge a little). If you have any advice to me I am always open and excited to hear!

I made these raw, vegan lettuce tacos with coconut aminos yesterday for lunch. They were super fresh, crunchy, yummy and helped with my bloating. If you don’t know what coconut aminos are check out this blog post. All the raw vegetables and mango I used contain a variety of vitamins, fiber and antioxidants that help contribute to good gut health and overall good health in general!

Raw, Vegan Lettuce Tacos (for balanced gut health)

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Baby cos lettuce (washed and left whole)
Radish (thinly sliced)
Cucumber (cut into long thin strips)
Mango (cubed)
Carrot (cut into long thin strips)
Zucchini (spiralised or cut into long thin strips)
Pumpkin seeds
Coconut aminos
Lemon or lime juice

1) Wash and prepare all vegetables/mango.
2) Place all vegetables/mango into the lettuce cups.
3) Top with coconut aminos and lemon juice.



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