Ginger, Melon & Mint Punch

After hosting a small Christmas gathering on my deck with some friends last night, I was looking through some photos of the night that I took. A few photos included the punch that we made, and I thought I’d throw in this recipe. It was so fun to make, it tasted so amazing and was very refreshing. Definitely recommend for this holiday season!

Ginger, Melon & Mint Punch
Makes enough to fill a punch bowl

1/2 watermelon (balled)
1/2 rock melon (balled)
1/2 bunch of mint
1 bottle of ginger ale
1 bottle of white wine

Ball the rock melon and water melon and put into a large punch bowl.
Take the mint leaves of the stems and put into the bowl.
Pour in the ginger ale.
Pour in the bottle of white wine.
Add ice if desired.
Mix & serve.

Enjoy with friends and family!


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