Vegan Rainbow Rice Paper Rolls

Welcome to summer in Australia! It is the perfect time to use our fresh produce and to make nourishing, colourful food. I had two days off this week from work, so I went to my parents house on the Central Coast. The Central Coast is known for it beautiful beaches and chilled out vibes.

I made some rainbow vegan rice paper rolls for lunch. Don’t be put off by these deliciously healthy and fresh rolls. Yes, they require a small amount of preparation but they are fun and easy to make. Make sure you have everything ready and a little bit of bench space to work with.

Vegan Rainbow Rice Paper Rolls

Vegan Rainbow Rice Paper Rolls

Rice paper wraps
Firm maple roasted tofu (you can find the recipe here)
1 Avocado
1 Mango
1/2 Red capsicum
1 Cucumber
Fresh coriander & fresh mint
1/4 Purple cabbage
Sesame seeds

Dipping Sauce
-3 table spoons Coconut aminos (can use tamari or soy sauce)
-1 Lime (juiced)

-Cut your firm tofu into 7cm  long strips and marinade
-Bake tofu for 15 minutes
-Cut all vegetable into roughly 7 cm long strips (julienned)
-Pull off fresh coriander from stalks and roughly chop
-Have sesame seeds ready
-Fill a bowl with warm water, ready to soak the rice paper wraps

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-Soak a rice paper wrap in the warm water for 30 seconds and then place on a clean tea towel (make sure you keep the wrap flat)
-Put one of each vegetable in the middle of wrap, along with tofu, sesame seeds and coriander
-Fold the top of the wrap down, the bottom of the wrap up and then roll from the side
-Mix coconut aminos and lime juice in a small bowl for the dipping sauce


Enjoy these on a hot day, for a fresh and easy lunch. What does everyone else eat this time of year? Even if it is snowing where you are!?

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