8 Healthy Habits to Start Now

If your weight or mental health is something that you struggle with, it might mean that you need to create some healthy habits to fix the problem. Creating healthy habits for yourself is not only important for your physical body, but it is also important for your mental well-being. By creating healthy habits, it allows you to transform your life to be well-rounded. A healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be strict, rather, it should be balanced.  I hope these tips help you if there’s anything in life you want to change for the better. I try to practice all these tips regularly to ensure I am my happiest self.

1. Drink water, and drink a lot of it! We have all heard it so many times but it is extremely important for our bodies for a reason. Water helps with digestion, brain function, other organ function (eg. kidneys and liver), body temperature regulation, transportation of nutrients and removal of toxins. Start your day with water to kick-start your digestions and wake your body up. The first thing I do when I wake up is reach for my glass of water next to my bed. Also, drink water before and during meals. Sometimes when you are hungry, you are actually just thirsty.

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2. Eat breakfast. If you don’t feel like eating in the morning, it is probably because your body isn’t use to it. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. It kick starts my metabolism and provides me with the energy I need for the day.

Here are some of my breakfast recipes.

Healthy Vegan Chocolate Porridge

Chocolate, Nut & Banana Pancakes (Vegan)


3. Exercise daily and make sure it is something you enjoy doing. It doesn’t have to be a full
workout, it just needs to be enough to release some endorphins and burn some calories. I recommend doing exercise that you enjoy. It might be going for a walk, riding a bike or practicing yoga. Yoga is a great daily exercise because it is good for both your body and mental state.

4. Eat slowly. Sometimes when I am hungry I start shoving food in my mouth really quickly. I always need to remind myself to slow down when eating. You can achieve better satisfaction and digestion when you eat slowly.


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset5. Eat a plant-based diet. Since changing my diet to majority plant-based, I have found extreme differences in my energy levels and moods. Not only have I been waking up feeling energized and ready for the day but eating a plant based diet has reduced bloating in my stomach, along with other digestion issues. My body has also become more toned, the cellulite has reduced and my skin is glowing. Eliminate processed food and cook your own food so you know what is going in it.



Kale Chips 6. Find healthy alternatives to snack food. If you are someone who enjoys snacking, try finding healthy alternatives to the things you snack on. There are so many alternatives! If you enjoy chocolate, trying making your own raw chocolate. Or, if you like snacking on potato crisps try to swap them out for kale chips. I made some kale chips while writing this blog post and they are really good!

7. Get enough sleep. I find when I don’t get enough sleep I am a completely different person. Not only does having between 7-8 hours of sleep a night contribute to a well-functioning brain, but it helps to maintain a healthy weight. Not sleeping enough can contribute to weight gain as your body does not have enough time to repair fat cells and muscles. Sleeping also helps regulate the hormone ‘cortisol’ which controls your immune system, mood and digestion.

8. Practice gratitude. Practicing gratitude isn’t something that will make you the next Buddha over night. But, for someone like myself who tends to see the negative side of things a lot of the time, it helps you to be grateful for the thing you do have. I like to think of thing I am grateful for when I meditate. I try to list them in my head and send out positive vibrations.

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What are your healthy tips? Comment below. Peace and love all.




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